1:200 Scale White Metal tWestland Welkin Model Aircraft Kit

1:200 Scale White Metal tWestland Welkin Model Aircraft Kit

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1:200 scale White Metal World War II British Military Aircraft Model Kit

The Kit contains parts and decals to finish the model in one of 4 options

1) DG558/G was the prototype aircraft (the G meant it had to be under armed guard at all times). It had Ocean Grey and Dark Green upper surface camouflage and Yellow under sides. Spinners were Sky with a Sky band around the rear fuselage. Roundels were B type on upper wings, C type underneath and C1 on the fuselage sides. The usual prototype P was behind the fuselage roundel and the fin flash was three colour.

2) DX281 was like 558 but without the P and with Medium Sea Grey undersides.

3) DX309 had Medium Sea Grey upper surfaces and PR Blue undersides. B type roundels were on tops of wings and fuselage sides. No markings were on the undersides of the wings. Two colour fin flashes were applied. Spinners were black.

4) DX 289 was as 309 but with V and ZQ in red on either side of the fuselage roundel.


The Welkin was designed to reach the Ju86P which was flying very high altitude reconnaissance missions and was expected to begin bombing. It was effectively an enlarged modified Whirlwind with a pressure cabin. 77 aircraft were completed and 26 more airframes made but the project was cancelled when high altitude Spitfires made the high altitude sorties dangerous for the Ju86Ps and they stopped.

The high aspect wings produced the same problems at high altitude as the U2 where the difference in speed between stall and shock stall is very small and the aircraft must be flown very accurately. Learning from this, the Canberra designed for high altitude work used for a very different wing aspect ratio.


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