1;200 Scale White Metal Avro 504K Model Aircraft Kit

1;200 Scale White Metal Avro 504K Model Aircraft Kit

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1:200 scale white metal World War I and beyoond (1913-32)Britiish MilitaryTrainer or Fighter Aircraft Model Kit

Decals are included to finish the model as 1 of 4 options

The decal optiions are:

1) GE_BIZ used by the Cornish Aviation Co and was painted pillar box red. White reistratios are on the top and bottom of the wings and rear fuselageinboard of the ailerons. The logo is under teh cockpit and teh single G is on teh tail.

2) A3-17 an Australian Air Force aircraft and has been linen doped under surfaces, aluminium engine cowlings and PC10 side and tops

3) F2623 has the same colours as above

4) H2394 is doped lined overall with PC10 upper wings and tail. The engine nacelle is gloss black and there are two red bands round the fuselage and red wheel hubs

Struts in all 4 instances are wood coloured

The Avro 504 was a remarkable aircraft which was built betwen 1913 and 1932 and served until 1940 . Nowadays it is remembered as a trainer but also served as a fighter and bomber attacking the Zeppelin works in 1914. It was the most numerous aircraft produced in WWI with neary 9000 being built.

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