1:200 Scale White Metal Piper P-18 Cub Model Aircraft Kit

1:200 Scale White Metal Piper P-18 Cub Model Aircraft Kit

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1:200 scale White Metal World War II American Aircraft Model Kit

The Kit contains parts and decals to finish the model in one of 9 options and can be used to make either a wheeled or float version.

Decals are supplied suitable for both Cub and Super Cub to give maximum flexibility and to make other schemes.

Decal Options are :

1) The early US markings are for a Cub flying off a carrier for operation Torch. It was olive drab and light grey and the whole cowling was yellow. 238410 on the tail .

2) G-AIIH was a yellow civil UK Cub and can be wheeled or floats.

3) The olive drab and light grey Cub with A 44 around the star and bar had invasion stripes and yellow 238410 on the tail. For most of the time it was on wheels but was on aluminium colour floats and struts when in private hands.

4)The 8th Air ForceÕs 1st Combat Bombardment Wing used a Cub as a hack. This had the usual stars and bars, o/d and grey, triangle with ALW and 1 on red non-moving part of the tail. The very front of the engine and wing tips are also red.

5) NC35773 was a US based Super Cub in yellow that can be on wheels or floats.

6) NC42050 was a yellow Cub in the US Civil Air Patrol. The logos were in the same place as US military markings and the registrations were on the other wing.

7) 72 G on either side of the star and bar was another o/d and grey machine with invasion stripes and 13147 in yellow on the tail.

8) LC-233 with ARMY marks was Cub on floats, originally o/d and grey, later aluminium dope. LC buzz number under the cockpit. 555233 on the tail.

9) LC-233 with USAF marks was the same aircraft but in light grey overall.

Super Cubs can also be painted overall yellow with US ARMY markings or overall light grey with USAF markings.


Developed from Taylorcraft aircraft, the Cub was a very successful and widely used trainer in military and civil use. It found many other uses as a spotter, communication and ambulance aircraft as well as many other fields.

Civil aircraft were often a characteristic yellow colour and many military aircraft were olive drab and light grey.

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