1:200 Scale White Metal Fairey Rotodyne Model Helicopter Kit (BEA Option)

1:200 Scale White Metal Fairey Rotodyne Model Helicopter Kit (BEA Option)

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1:200 Scale White Metal 1950's British Experimental Compound Helicopter Kit

Decals are included to finish the model as the BEA What If Scheme

The Rotodyne was a compound helicopter of very advanced design. The main rotors were powered by compressed air and fuel and used for take off, landing and hover. During normal flight the rotors behaved as an autogyro and the aircraft set new records for speed and point to point journeys.

Initially it was noisy but was made much quieter and visits to Battersea heliport on a Sunday morning produced no complaints.

There was interest from air forces, airlines and the US Army and the potential for sales was very good but lack of funding killed an outstanding project.

It is interesting to compare the Rotodyne with the hugely expensive Osprey 50 years later. The range of both aircraft is about the same as is the top speed. The Osprey can lift a greater load but the Rotodyne can take more volume. The Rotodyne could hover on one engine and could autorotate in the event of total engine failure. The Osprey cannot. Yet another example of a fine aircraft being cancelled.

This 'What If' scheme illustrates how the Rotodyne would have looked if it had entered service with BEA. BEA would have used the larger Z version but the decals give a good idea of how it would have looked

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