About Our Models

About Our Models

Our product portfolio consists of approximately two hundred 1:200 scale metal or resin aircraft models and kits that captures the very essence of aviation evolution from World War I through to the Present Day

This range not only includes our own products but also Chris Sayers Shed Models (a series of prototype and rare and obscure aircraft types), Wojtek Benzinski's Cloud Break Models, (a series of civil and military of the highest quality) and Richard Bizley's Eclipse Models (a series of modern day jets)

 All of the models for sale are listed within the appropriate four main product categories on the left hand side of the Home Page, it should be noted that due to the length of some of the aircrafts lifespan, they do appear in more than one category. Additionally models other than our own also appear in the category for the relevant supplier.

All Models are sold either as:

  Complete Model in standing pose with Authentic Finish ( In many instances there is a selection of authentic finishes for each model )

   In Kit Format complete with decals, and accessories \(i.e wheels propellers, stores etc) as appropriate 

Our  completed models are all individually made to order  here in the UK. with an emphasis on quality, which depending on demand results in variable lead times, which can be extensive. However  every intention is made to despatch order items as soon as possible, ,  In instances where an order consists of several models we will despatch part orders as models are completed ensuring customers receive items as soon as possible.

Kits are supplied complete with propellers, wheels and accessories (bombs, missiles, tanks, figures etc) as appropriate and in many instances decals allowing customers to complete the model successfully. We aim to despatch  orders for Kits within 5 days

Where stock levels are shown as 'Out of Stock'  the stock of this item is currently either at a minimal level or completely exhausted and the item is subject to re-casting. If you would like further information regarding this item please do not hesitate to contact us either by EMail at or telephone (44) (0) 1793 822277

If  you cannot find a model of a particular aircraft you are looking for within the range we have to offer please feel free to contact us, we are always willing to listen to suggestions for expanding our portfolio or we may be able to either obtain the model from an alternative source or put you in touch with a supplier who already has the model sought within their range of models.